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A landing page is an effective way to capture contributions or collect information for your campaign.

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When starting, a lot of campaigns need to get rolling with web presence but don't have enough assets ready to build out out a full-blown website. Landing pages are excellent for establishing that presence, collecting needed information from visitors, all without rushing with interior pages.

Whether it's collecting event RSVPs, building out your grassroots volunteer list, or receiving contributions, you can make any of these forms or capture areas front and center on your landing page. You'll simply deploy various calls to action on social media, in text messages, or in an email blast.

Maybe a full website isn't needed. Depending on your goals, budget, and what you're cozy with putting out there, a landing page can be a great solution. Audiences don't generally want to click through multiple pages; on a single landing page you can be concise and push the message that's most effective. 

Meet the Candidate:

Briefly provide some background information about yourself or your cause. Why should visitors support you? Where are you from, why are you running, and what do you bring to the table?

Pictures are great; let your potential supporters put a face to the cause. A good family photo or action shots are perfect here.